Dave Szollosy

New Democrats Party Candidate
Dave Szollosy

Dave Szollosy

NDP Candidate

The York-Simcoe NDP riding association chose Dave Szollosy, a teacher and community leader, to run as their candidate in June’s provincial election, at a nomination meeting on Tuesday.

“People in York-Simcoe know that it’s time for change from Kathleen Wynne and her broken promises that have left us with overcrowded hospitals, shuttered schools, and sky-high hydro prices after she privatized Hydro One,” said Szollosy.

“It’s time for change, but not change for the worse with Doug Ford’s Conservatives. Ford has already promised to cut and privatize all our public services. That means our health care, our hospitals, and our schools aren’t safe with Ford. He will keep Hydro One privatized and our hydro bills will keep going up.

“That’s why I’m proud to be running with Andrea Horwath’s NDP to bring not only change but change for the better for our community.”

Dave Szollosy is a teacher and a community leader. He served 3 terms as a councillor for Ward 3 in Georgina and as President of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association’s Toronto Secondary Unit. He was awarded the first-ever Fintan Kilbride Memorial Social Justice Award from his Teachers’ Association, honouring his works towards social justice through personal commitment and student engagement.

“Together with Andrea Horwath and the Ontario New Democrats, I will fight for York-Simcoe and restore our public services. That includes protecting Lake Simcoe and the watershed, expanding public health care to include universal pharmacare and dental care, and putting Hydro One back in public hands to lower hydro bills by about 30 percent,” said Szollosy