Meeting Format

Questions will be submitted by the public to be considered by the Meeting Committee leading up to the meeting. Submit a question via the button below. Approved questions will be asked by our Moderator to the panel. #BWGCandidates

You are invited to join us: Wednesday, October 16th, 2019. Doors open to the public at 7pm.

Please register and/or submit questions below. You do not have to be in attendance for your question to be considered by the committee. Due to time constraints, we cannot guarantee that all questions will be posed to the candidates.


1. Substitutes or stand-ins for the candidate will not be allowed.

2. To preserve a non-partisan atmosphere during the meeting, no campaign banners, signs or other campaign paraphernalia will be allowed.

3. Campaign literature may be placed on designated tables.

4. A moderator will conduct the meeting and has the responsibility to interrupt the proceedings to enforce the ground rules and format.

5. This will be a moderated event. Our moderator or designated speakers will pose all questions to the panel.

6. There will be a 2-minute opening statement and a 2-minute closing statement for each candidate.

7. Questions from the floor will not be offered. Questions must be submitted prior to the event via the website. The question list will be decided upon by the event committee.

8. The moderator will keep track of the time allotted to candidates as they speak and/or respond. A time warning signal and “Stop” at the appropriate times.

9. There will be 1-minute for each candidate to respond to each question, as well as a 1-minute rebuttal.

10. Questions will not be shared with the candidates before the event.

Remember the rules you set are to ensure absolute fairness for everyone. Rules may be added / edited / removed as needed.


7:00pm Doors open the public
7:15pm Question Period Begins
9:00pm Event ends

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